Seek Relief for Your Shoulder Tension

Ask about our Swedish massages in the Lee, MA area

Spending hours upon hours behind a keyboard can lead to significant muscle tension, particularly in your back, neck and shoulders. You don't have to live in pain. A Swedish body massage from Chyrel's Massage Therapy can help you relieve muscle tension throughout your upper body. This relaxing yet energizing massage technique is ideal for those who are struggling with tight, stiff muscles.

We provide mobile massage services in the Lee, MA area. Learn more about what's included in our Swedish massage by calling 413-841-1318 today.

Making your massage your own

There's no one-massage-fits-all option. When you sign up for a Swedish body massage, we'll customize everything to best relieve your pain. This includes personalizing the...

  • Length. We have 60-minute and 90-minute Swedish massages available.
  • Pressure. You can choose a massage pressure that you're comfortable with.
  • Strokes. If you prefer long, firm strokes or softer, lighter strokes, your therapist will adapt.
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