Get To the Root of Your Back Pain

Come to us for a deep tissue massage in the Lenox, MA area

Tension builds and builds inside your muscles. The longer it builds, the more pain you're in. Getting a deep tissue massage can help you release that pain by getting deep into the muscles for tension relief. Chyrel's Massage Therapy offers deep tissue massages for clients in the Lenox, MA area. If you're ready to increase the healing process and reduce inflammation in your muscles, we're here to help you.

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Finding the right muscle tension relief

The first thing you'll need to decide is how long you want your massage to be. Depending on the severity of your muscle tension, you can sign up for a...

  • 30-minute massage
  • 60-minute massage
  • 90-minute massage
We recommend deep tissue massages for those who are recovering from injuries or seeking muscle tension relief. Call 413-841-1318 now to schedule yours.